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Beginner’s Course for Learning License

Make the process of getting new driving license quick and seamless by availing state approved course. We assure to offer a variety of educational tools to transform you into not just a driver, but a competent one.

Refresher Course for Heavy Motor Vehicles

Driving heavy motor vehicles requires learning and continuous practice because one has to deal with its complex mechanism. This course has been devised to help you revise and learn the whole process involved in driving heavy vehicles from the scratch.

Refresher Course for Light Motor Vehicles

While learning to protect yourself from the potential dangers while driving, this course will help you learn the methods to conserve fuel and adopt environment friendly practices too. Also, you will be trained to handle unforeseen incidents that might occur while driving.

Defensive Course for Heavy Motor Vehicle

Enhance your knowledge and upgrade your driving skills for medium and heavy motor vehicles. Medium and heavy motor vehicles have compound mechanisms which function differently. Driving such vehicles require vast knowledge and technical expertise.

Defensive Course for Light Motor Vehicle

Driving safely and responsibly is a skill that needs learning. A deep understanding of the basic driving skills is needed to become an ace driver. This course is perfect for all those who want to master the art of driving light motor vehicles.

Crash Course for Taxi Drivers

Avail course for taxi driving and learn safe driving, regulations and rules, danger zones and prevention, route hazards, and emergencies and first aid. Through our course, we provide guidance in accident management, driving safety, passenger interactions, and record keeping.

Refresher Course for Challan Violators

Violated traffic rules? Learn rules and road behavior with course for traffic violators. Once you finish the course, you need to pass a test to get your license back. Your challan will be cleared only when you get a certificate.

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This training was really beneficial, since it provided me with comprehensive information on traffic laws and driving techniques. Anyone who drives, I believe, would benefit from this course.

- Sahil

Essential Driving Tips

The school offers the following services for teenage first time drivers,
new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.

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