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About | DrivekaroIndia

The Leading Online Drivers Education Provider in the Country!

Driving makes you independent but comes with the responsibility of your safety and others.

Having a driving license is not enough. We need to master professional courses and training to really become a safe driver.

We go beyond teaching just the controls of the car. We believe in teaching our learners how to use those controls effortlessly.

Drive Karo India is a comprehensive platform (easily accessible as a web app as well as a mobile app) that offers a variety of courses to provide Indian drivers with all the knowledge and skills they require to become safer drivers. The platform has an interactive Learning Management System and engaging eLearning content in the form of audio, video and animated modules.



The courses offered by Drive Karo India have been carefully curated by a panel of experts to make sure we offer complete flexibility while you learn.


Since the courses are totally online, you won’t need a textbook or a classroom to get started.

24/7 Access

The courses can be accessed 24/7, allowing you to study whenever, wherever and however as per your convenience.


The language in the courses has been optimized to suit the Indian audience, making learning easier than ever.

Our Mission:

Educate, Engage and
Protect Your Loved Ones

Committed to providing all Indians
with the most effective driver
safety and road knowledge.
Ensure a fulfilling experience
which will for sure leave you more
aware and confident on the roads!

Our Goal:

Relatability, Relevance and
Approachable Content

Impart training materials and services
to give you the most effective—and
efficient—learning experience.

Shape novice drivers into safe,
confident and smart behind-the-wheel

Our Future:

Driving Better Outcomes

Where we see ourselves in the
next 20 years or so is surely
increasing the number of safe
drivers on the roads all across
India. We aspire to create that
sense of safety whether you are
the one sitting behind the wheel or
if you are the one crossing the

Not Just Passing a Test

Driving is not only limited to passing a test; it is your overall experience on the road and your response to any adverse situations. If passing a test had only been the criteria for being a safe driver then a lot of things would have been otherwise. Through our carefully planned and designed programs, we aim to prepare you for kinds of situations that are to occur on the road. By being aware about everything from road safety to first aid, you will not only feel much more confident but also it will prepare you for any and every situation.

Drive Karo India offers behind the wheel driving lessons by making driving training accessible with our widespread network of Training Schools all across Punjab. Driving school software that streamlines the operations and management of driving schools and track students, staff schedule and much more. Drive Karo India offers quality online practice tests that help you pass your driving test and get on the road safely and swiftly.