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“Simply the best driving school”

Training experts and advanced curriculum at Drive Karo India makes learning a very engaging and interesting process. Thank you for helping me master the skill of driving.

Priyank Sharma

“Driving made simple and easy”

The trainers at Drive Karo India are highly professional and have made me a responsible driver. It is hands down the best driving school in India.

Megha Goyal

“Great learning experience”

I used to feel scared of driving but with Drive Karo India, I have transformed into a skilled and confident driver. It was indeed a great experience.

Rohit Gupta

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We have made quality driving training accessible with our widespread network of Training Schools.

Govt. Approved driving school

India’s #1 Driving School

  • The government of Punjab approved driving schools
  • Qualified trainers and well-maintained vehicles
  • Courses designed as per Indian Motor Vehicle Act
  • State of the art driving simulator
  • Practice session on actual driving tracks used for final driving test
  • e-Learning enablement

It’s About More Than Passing the Exam

Our students in our Punjab driving schools must learn more than merely what the road signs mean. The key to safe driving is understanding the rules of the road and the consequences for not following them. With unlimited access to Punjab Drive Karo India course material and educational content, you’ll know more about being safe on the road than any other driving school.

Professional and Experienced — Online and Physical

We wholeheartedly believe that qualified trainers produce quality drivers. We have assembled a vast team of qualified trainers to help you learn to drive the right way. Our Punjab Driving courses are government-approved, easy to understand, and equipped to deliver world-class training.

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