8 Essential Driving Tips For Beginners to Ensure Safety

  • Written by admin / May 28, 2021

Making new experiences and learning new skills seems a bit tedious when starting. However, once you make a grip on something, everything looks easy and seamless. Driving is no exception. During your initial learning days, you may find it a bit confusing as it involves paying attention to several things. But, don’t panic.

Once you practice for a few days and keep the driving best practices in mind, you will be able to drive like a professional. In this article, we will mention a few tips and tricks that will help you in your initial days of learning to drive. Whether you are a beginner in driving or you have been driving for over decades now, keeping these basic tips in mind will help you drive safe. So, let’s get started.

  1. Know Your Vehicle and Keep it Safe

The most important thing while driving is your vehicle. Are you familiar with the vehicle you are driving? If you are a novice and planning to drive a new vehicle, take the necessary precautions. Consider taking lessons from experts or study the vehicle, in theory, before you drive.

Find out the functions of the clutch, brake, and understand the gears system properly before your drive any vehicle. You should be aware of the facts like one should never shift to a lower gear when driving at a higher speed or you should never put the vehicle in reverse gear without stopping it. It is very crucial to be aware of such tips and tricks to avoid any mishap on roads.

Also, it should be your responsibility to keep your vehicle safe. If you think that a vehicle is unsafe or it is not inspected by anyone for a long time, do not drive it right away. Take it for inspection with someone’s help and check if there are any potential safety issues.

  • Be Comfortable While Driving

The second most important thing to monitor while driving is your comfort. Are you comfortable in your driving position? If not, adjust your seat and make yourself comfortable. A lot of new drivers ignore or don’t know about the importance of comfort while driving and they lose control which in turn increases the chances of accidents.

  • Defensive Driving is Essential

It is not necessary that every driver will behave sincerely on the roads and will follow the traffic rules and regulations. You may find some reckless drivers on road or people who intentionally start a conflict with others just to pass their time or for fun. This behaviour isn’t just annoying but dangerous if you are a new driver.

That’s where defensive driving comes into play. It is a driving technique that suggests you believe everyone else on the road is a jerk and your safety is in your own hands. If you know nothing about driving yet, consider taking a few defensive driving classes to avoid mishaps in your initial days of driving a vehicle.

  • Prefer Not to Drive in Bad Weather

As a novice driver, you must avoid driving in bad weather conditions. If driving is an absolute necessity, take extra precautions. Make sure to follow all the tips mentioned in this article and make full use of them to drive safe. Always drive below the speed limit and take turns wisely.

If you have the option, consider delegating the driving duty to someone else who is more experienced than you and knows the ins and out of driving. If the weather conditions become worse, stop at a safe place and wait for the favourable conditions to drive.

  • Avoid Distractions

When you are driving the car, be mindful, wear the seat belt, adjust all the mirrors, and remember the traffic rules and regulations. Also, stay away from distractions while you are driving as city streets are jam loaded with potentially dangerous situations. Thus, you need to keep your eyes and mind focused on the road and not here and there.

There are two basic principles of driving safely on the road that you should always keep in mind and these are:

  • Don’t use your mobile phone
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Practice at Slow Speeds

On roads, it is a true story that speed kills. And, if you are a new driver, you must mind your speed limit. Remember, you don’t have the experience yet and if your vehicle goes out of control, you will not be able to handle it.

It is a fact that driving with speed is very tempting and thrilling. However, before you run behind the thrill, it is crucial that you get your hands on driving at a slow speed. It lets you build a strong sense of what may happen on the roads and how you should react to it. Driving with speed requires you to act at pinpoint accuracy. Make sure you practice at slow speed first to get that accuracy else you will end up inviting disasters for yourself and others.

  • Avoid Highways

During your initial phases of driving, it is prescribed that you stick to driving on the familiar routes. If you go to unfamiliar areas, you will have to pay extra attention to the directions. As an amateur, you must use it to learn driving rather than routes. Additionally, try not to go on the highway when practising to drive as you may find the speed of vehicles much higher on a highway than on a road.

  • Maintain Your Calm

While driving, it is crucial to have a calm mind. It is a skill that requires all your senses and a disturbed mind can harm not just you but many on the roads. So, never let your state of mind influence your driving. A driver teasing you or in anger, shouldn’t be able to force you to speed and your good mood shouldn’t force you to lose control of driving.


Driving is not rocket science. However, if you do not pay attention, it can put your life in danger. Yes, it is a beautiful experience, too. So, whenever you drive, try enjoying it but keep all your senses on and never let your enjoyment overpower your control. Happy Driving