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This course is meant to give you deep insight into managing stress while driving and the behavioral practices one must adopt to keep the tension at bay. The basic but the most important of all, traffic rules and regulations will be covered as adherence to these rules is the first step towards road safety. Defending oneself without causing any harm to others on road is the skill that this course will help you master.
While learning to protect yourself from the potential dangers while driving, this course will help you learn the methods to conserve fuel and adopt environment friendly practices too. Also, you will be trained to handle unforeseen incidents that might occur while driving. By covering all the aspects of driving, this course aims at turning you into a competent and safe driver. This course will provide you various educational tools that will help you learn all the modules both practically and theoretically.
To master the skills, one has to keep revising them. Revision after revision, you become an ace driver. So, if you think you need to revise safe driving practices and techniques to drive light motor vehicles, this course is a full guide.

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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Behavioral Practices & stress management
Defensive Driving Techniques
Traffic Rules and Regulations
Emergency handling techniques 14
Maintenance & fuel conservation
Pollution and environment
Case studies on accidents to analyze the cause of accident , how as at fault and how it could have been averted
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Driving Training FAQ's

This course is devised to refresh your driving skills. This course will give you deep insights into various aspects of driving that you might forget over the years.
This course will help you master the skills through deep revision into emergency handling techniques, traffic rules and regulations.
This course includes modules – behavioral practices, stress management on road, defensive driving skills, basic traffic rules and regulations, emergency handling skills, fuel conservation and maintenance.
The course duration is of 14 hours.
Yes, if you are at least 18-years-old. Click here to apply.

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