Refresher Course for Heavy Motor Vehicles

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Revise heavy motor vehicles driving skills

Driving heavy motor vehicles requires learning and continuous practice because one has to deal with its complex mechanism. This course has been devised to help you revise and learn the whole process involved in driving heavy vehicles from the scratch. This course will take you through road safety measures, causes behind road accidents, common driving mistakes documentation required, road signals, traffic violations and penalties and so on.
The aim is to create awareness and help you know about the latest technologies like GPS, airbags and audio warning systems how to operate them with safety. You will also get to learn about driving heavy vehicles in emergencies and what safety measures you should take. Driving while abiding by government laws and policies is the best practice and you will learn it during the course.
When on road, you must help others in need, especially road accident victims. To extend help, you would require some basic life saving skills. This course will teach you to use first aid and how to help others while keeping yourself safe. This is the perfect course for those who wish to have detailed knowledge and want to revise all the techniques used to drive heavy vehicles skilfully and cautiously.

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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Road Safety
Accident Statistics
Causes of Road Accidents and Common Driving Mistakes
Defensive Driving/ Preventive measures
Type of License and Type of vehicle
Pre-driving check and daily maintenance. 14
Knowledge and importance of Vehicle Documents
Traffic Education
Brief about latest technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System), Airbags, Audio warning system etc.
Road Signs, Road Marking/Geometry, Road Reflector
Awareness about Road Rage and HIV/AID
Driving under Emergency Situations
Traffic Violation and penalties
Fuel efficiency Training
Government Policies of Road Safety
First Aid and Helping Road Accident Victims
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Driving Training FAQ's

This is a refresher course for driving heavy motor vehicles. It will teach you to use the latest technologies like GPS, audio warning systems and airbags.
This course will take you through the complex mechanisms of heavy motor vehicles. It will make you learn new driving policies, techniques and revise the whole driving process.
This course will teach you about road markings, safety measures and awareness about road rage. It will cover modules – driving under emergencies, knowledge and importance of vehicle documents, defensive driving, preventive measures, traffic violation and penalties and government policy of road safety.
This course is of 14 hours duration. Each module will be covered in the stipulated time.

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