Refresher Course for Challan Violators

Follow traffic rules, save your future!

Learn the traffic rules

This course is meant for those who have been suspended for violations to learn the traffic rules and road behavior. After the completion of course, a test will be conducted and the violators have to clear it to get their license back from Registering and licensing authority. Only after they pass the test, a certificate will be issued to them to get the challan clear. Offenders will have to go through this course and clear the test. The driving license can be suspended for the below mentioned violations –

  • Not wearing a helmet while riding a two wheeler
  • Not wearing a seat belt while driving a car
  • Jumping the red light
  • Usage of mobile phone while driving
  • Driving on the wrong side
  • Over speeding
  • Tripling
  • Under age driving
  • Drunken and driving
  • Driving at high beam
  • Honking
  • Stopping on Zebra crossing
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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Seat Belt
Red Light Jumping
Mobile Phone Use
Wrong Side Driving
Speeding/Racing 2
Over speed
Under Age Driving
Drink & Driving
High Beams
Stopping on Zebra crossing
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Driving Training FAQ's

Yes, you are eligible for the course if you have been convicted of any moving violation anywhere.
This course will include classes on traffic drills, repercussions of drunk driving and road rage. The convicts will also get first hand training on what to do in case of an accident.
The persons convicted for traffic violations are sent by the courts to receive instructions in driving and traffic safety and can be educated in traffic laws and road safety rules.
Observing that a custodial sentence of imprisonment may not always serve the desired purpose, this correctional course has been designed for the convicts.

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