Defensive Course for Light Motor Vehicle

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Driving safely and responsibly is a skill that needs learning. A deep understanding of the basic driving skills is needed to become an ace driver. This course is perfect for all those who want to master the art of driving light motor vehicles. This course will teach you everything that a defensive driving involves. The course includes modules such as traffic education, first aid, road mannerisms, road safety and causes of road accidents. Different tools like animated illustrations videos are used to impart information. This course will prepare you for driving situations you can encounter in real life and will make you aware of the perilous driving habits.
The defensive course will take you through the steps you should follow to protect yourself from the dangers of driving. It will not just put you through the defensive techniques you must use on road but will also teach you the ways by which you can protect others as well. So, this course is a complete guide to learning the techniques used for light motor vehicles.

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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Driving Theory
Traffic Education
Basic Vehicle Mechanism Theory Demo
Public Relations & First Aid 8
Road Etiquette & Mannerism Road Rage
Road Safety, Causes of Accidents & Case Studies
Driving Fuel Efficiency
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Driving Training FAQ's

This is a comprehensive course that teaches you everything that defensive driving involves.
You need to be at least 18-years-old to enroll yourself in this course.
It includes driving theory, traffic education, basic vehicle mechanism theory, first aid, road mannerisms, road safety, causes of accidents and fuel efficiency techniques.
The theory duration for this course is 8 hours.

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