Defensive Course for Heavy Motor Vehicle

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A complete guide to driving heavy motor vehicles

Enhance your knowledge and upgrade your driving skills for medium and heavy motor vehicles. Medium and heavy motor vehicles have compound mechanisms which function differently. Driving such vehicles require vast knowledge and technical expertise. Even a little negligence on the part of driving can cost your life. To minimize the risks and encourage safe driving, a defensive course for medium and heavy motor vehicles has been devised. This course will educate you about the tips to be used while driving heavy vehicles. The course will include modules - traffic education, vehicle mechanism theory, vehicle maintenance and repair, first aid, human psychology, road rage and stress management. It will apprise you of the risks involved in driving heavy vehicles and the attitude one must develop to lessen those. It will prepare you to become confident and a skilled driver.
Apart from preparing you with defensive driving techniques, it will develop a protective instinct in you for others too on the road. If you wish to learn defensive driving techniques for medium and heavy motor vehicles, this course is perfect to help you master everything you are looking for.

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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Driving Theory
Traffic Education
Vehicle Mechanism Theory
Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (including Tyre Change importance of Air Pressure)
Public Relation
First Aid & Human Psychology 17
Road etiquette, Road Rage & Stress Management
Cause & Type of Accidents, Driver’s Responsibility in the event of Accident
AID awareness; Tobacco & Alcohol
Pollution and Environment
Driving Fuel Efficiency
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Driving Training FAQ's

This course will take you through the techniques used to drive medium and heavy motor vehicles. You will learn the risks involved and the steps to avoid those risks while driving heavy motor vehicles. This course will give you the detailed information.
This course involves theory on driving, human psychology, first aid, road rage and stress management, vehicle management and repair, vehicle mechanism theory, road etiquette, traffic education and cause and types of accidents.
This is an extensive course with theory duration of about 17 hours.
This course will not only teach you defensive driving skills but will also develop an attitude of protective instinct for yourself and others on the road.

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