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This course is ideal for all the taxi companies that want to introduce a short and practical induction training for their drivers. After all, the taxi drivers need to maintain high standards and this course helps provide high quality service to passengers, safe and secure working conditions for drivers and increased competitiveness. This course guarantees the highest level of quality and accuracy and integrates best practices. It is aimed at keeping drivers safe on road, on and off the job. In addition, it helps them to learn how to manage the speed and observe speed limits, reduce the risk of collision and traffic violations, lower the chances of liability risks and costs and minimize repair bills.
This course covers topics including safe driving, regulations and rules, danger zones and prevention, route hazards and emergencies and first aid. Opt for this course to study the rules, regulations and driving skills required to drive a taxi. It also provides guidance in accident management, driving safety, passenger interactions and record keeping.

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Taxi Driving Course Packages

Train, Assess and Certify

Best suited for all taxi drivers

Customer care techniques

  • Maintain high driving standards
  • Eco driving techniques

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Assess and Certify

Theory and practical sessions

Integrate best practices

  • Handle emergencies well
  • Personal safety

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Get Certified

State certified course

Sound advice to each driver

  • Outstanding training
  • High quality service

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Driving Training FAQ's

Of course, our course is smart phone and tablet friendly. All you need is to have an internet access and you can take the course. You can view the course from one device and resume it from your office or home.
We are the leader in online driving course industry and are committed to provide best Taxi driving course. We offer state approved online course.
Training is not about getting passed or failed. If we consider that a driver is still not competent enough, we will recommend him for further training.
We completely understand that it is not easy to release a driver for a full day. We can run half days for individual drivers.

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