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The course for defensive driving involves relevant content to motivate and make you aware of safe and responsible driving. It involves interactivity along with animated illustrations and HD videos to make it easier to understand. This course ensures reducing the risk of motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations. Thus, it eventually helps in shrinking vehicle repair bills and replacement costs. This course prepares you for real-life driving situations and defensive driving techniques, thus motivating you to avoid risky driving habits. Learn safe driving practices and prevent traffic violations.
Defensive driving course will make you aware about the driving rules, standard driving practices, and the required driving mechanics. It helps you by anticipating hazardous situations or the driving errors of others. You will understand the correct and effective use of vehicles. This course will help minimize injuries while maximizing production and efficiency. Those who apply for the renewal of their license must opt for this course as it is designed to refresh the knowledge of all license holders.

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Course Includes:

  • Learn road rules and signs
  • Work on your skills
  • More...


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Defensive Driving Training FAQs

Of course, our course is smart phone and tablet friendly. All you need is to have an internet access and you can take the course. You can view the course from one device and resume it from
We are the leader in driver safety industry and are committed to provide best defensive driving course. We offer state approved online course.
Training is not about getting passed or failed. If we consider that a driver is still not competent enough, we will recommend him for further training.
We completely understand that it is not easy to release a driver for a full day. We can run half days for individual drivers.
We use a company owned and insured vehicle for the session. If in case the company cars are not available, we will hire and insure a car on your behalf.

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