Beginner’s Course for Learning License

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Want to get your driving license quickly?

Make it seamless with a new driving license course. Our course is exclusively designed to help young people get polished in driving skills in no time. It’s a great option if you are planning to start your lessons from the scratch. We offer intensive lessons that range from daily one hour session to consecutive days of back-to-back lessons.
Either it takes a week or a few months for you to learn the course, we ensure that you will get the right driving skills. Through our course, we are committed to transform you to not just a competent driver but a safe driver as well. We offer a variety of educational tools to make it convenient for any user to follow.

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Course Modules

Course Modules Total Hours
Knowledge about the traffic signs, signals and the rules and regulations of the road.
Duties of a driver in case of accident or any unexpected happening. 2
Precautions to be taken while passing an unmanned railway crossing.
Documents that the driver must carry at the time of driving a Vehicle.
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Driving Training FAQ's

Just inform us before going and once you come back, just make a call to use and continue with your course.
You need to apply online on the website and soon one of our representatives will connect with you. Click here to apply.
You need to upload your date of birth proof, address proof and 2 photos.

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