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Drive Karo India offers comprehensive driving courses based on defensive driving, heavy vehicle driving, taxi driving and more. The courses touch upon all aspects of traffic laws and driving safety for new as well as experienced drivers.

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Drive Karo India is a comprehensive online platform (easily accessible as a web app as well as a mobile app) that offers a variety of courses to provide Indian drivers with all the knowledge and skills they require to become safer drivers. The platform has an interactive Learning Management System and engaging eLearning content in the form of audio, video and animated modules.

The platform aims at offering a plethora of driving and road safety related services such as online driving education for all kinds of drivers including fresher, experienced professionals, corporate drivers and more.

As you enroll yourself in one of our courses, you will get access to
  • Proficient Training Experts
  • Practical Learning Through Unparalleled Technology
  • Educative Theoretical Sessions

14 57 712


We have successfully transformed 14 57 712 beginners into skilled and confident drivers.

1 500+


Get driving training from our team of driving professionals that has 1 500+ expert male and female trainers.



We have made quality driving training accessible with our widespread network of 475+ Training Schools.

What Makes Our Courses Unique?

The courses offered by Drive Karo India have been carefully curated by a panel of experts to make sure we offer complete flexibility while you learn.

  • Since the courses are totally online, you won’t need a textbook or a classroom to get started.
  • The courses can be accessed 24/7, allowing you to study whenever, wherever and however as per your convenience.
  • The language in the courses has been optimised to suit the Indian audience, making learning easier than ever.
  • Interactive graphics will ensure that you never have a dull day learning with Drive Karo India.

Why Choose Us?

Our courses have been carefully optimised to ensure that drivers across all states in India can easily comprehend the information being conveyed. Here are some other reasons why you should choose Drive Karo India.

  • Some of the best learning theory experts and the best driving instructors have come together to develop the courses being offered.
  • Text lessons, animated videos and audio clips – learn by using a medium that suits your preference the best.
  • Our services and courses are backed by a 24/7 support to make sure none of your concerns go unaddressed.


Be in control

Drive Karo India allows you to learn at your pace. No one but you will be in control of the pace and time of your learning.

Easy Accessibility

All the courses by Drive Karo India are designed to offer convenience, flexibility and easy accessibility.

Progress Checks

The continuous progress checks throughout the course will help you ensure that you are never off track.

Interactive Learning

The interactive learning techniques are sure to keep boredom at bay while you learn.